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Before the Procedure

General Instructions:

  • No botox within 6 weeks of your appointment.

  • Skin Ink does not apply permanent makeup to pregnant women.

  • If you have a heart condition or prosthetics and take antibiotics before procedures, take antibiotics before having makeup applied.

  • No peels/lasers within 6 weeks of your appointment.

  • Stay out of the direct sun one month prior to your appointment for best results.

  • If you are prone to fever blisters and/or cold sores, contact your doctor for a Valtrex prescription.

  • If you have concerns, contact your doctor to see if permanent makeup is right for you.

  • If you smoke or have diabetes or an autoimmune disorder, you might heal more slowly.

  • Please view post-procedure information, so you can plan accordingly for the days to follow.

  • No alocohol 24 hours before a lip procedure.

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