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During Procedure

The area will be prepared with topical anesthetic. During this time, we will prep our machine and custom mix your pigment. 

We only use new, pre-sterilized needles. For eyeliner and lips, the local anesthetic is optional and may be requested.

We will then implant the permanent makeup pigments following the approved shape. You will be reclined in a comfortable position. Application takes about 30 minutes to an hour.


We do not offer local anesthetic for brows because of the location on your face. The pain is minimal, and we will apply topical cream anesthetic throughout the procedure. 


Eyes will be closed for the application. If you choose to be numbed for this, you might feel a tingling sensation. This shot is optional and given outside of the eyelid.


Lips are second to eyeliner in amount of pain. The majority of patience do the lips with only the topical cream anesthetic. You an request a local anesthetic (shot).


Please arrive on time to ensure a relaxing and positive experience. Should you arrive more than 15 minutes late, a fee may be applied and your appointment may be rescheduled.

The first part of your appointment is when we draw the outline to ensure the makeup is applied ideally. You will then view and suggest comments until we achieve your perfect look. Your time with Kelly will bring out the best you!

  • Bring your makeup to your appointment so we can compare and match colors.

  • If you wear contacts and are having eyeliner applied, bring your glasses.

  • Bring $50-$60 if you think you'd like to add a shot of local anesthesia.

  • Bring the remaining balance to pay off your procedure on the day of.

  • Come with your normal makeup, but no mascara.

  • Do not sweat or exercise on the day of your procedure.

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